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Apfel and Associates
Apfel and Associates

Corporate & Contracts

Corporate Retainer | Corporate contract drafting | Contract review |

From Wall Street to the Camelback Business Corridor, our attorneys have broad legal and business experience to help your company succeed. Our partners have worked as General Counsel and outside counsel with Fortune 500 companies and locally based startups and provide the following services:

  • drafting contracts and other documents;
    • Corporate Formational Documents i.e. Operating Agreement for a LLC and Bylaws for a Corporation
    • Qualified Retirement Plans
    • Executive and Owner Compensation Plans
  • Assisting and advising clients with commercial negotiations; and
  • Assisting and advising clients with the management and execution (i.e. successful completion) of a transaction.
    • Buying and Selling a Business
    • Operating a closely held corporation
    • Limited Liability Company operations
    • Partnership operations
    • Franchising
    • Intellectual Property (trademarks, copyright and trade secret law)
    • Confidentiality
    • Employee Relations

International Business

Corporate startup | Legal Business planning

As an internationally focused law firm based in the United States, our international startup services related practice focuses on clients who desire to (1) start a business in Arizona and/or attract international investment and (2) more broadly expand their business presence in the U.S., Caribbean, Latin America, and China.

We actively work with our clients to:

  • define strategy,
  • define and analyzing corporate/enterprise architecture,
  • define goals and requirements for programs and projects
  • perform industry and consumer analysis/research
  • draft domestic and international business plans and consultation
  • performance Analysis and Cultural Training
  • provide counsel and advice concerning the specific laws and regulations that are applicable to a specific international or domestic transaction
  • provide counsel concerning the appropriate structure that should be adopted to manage and minimize legal and commercial risks involved concerning a proposed business startup;
    • structuring foreign direct investments
    • assisting with inbound investment in Arizona and the greater U.S.
Apfel and Associates
Apfel and Associates

Intellectual Property

Our firm is proud to offer our clients a variety of legal options to protect your company’s intellectual property assets. In this regard, we offer a full selection of trademark, copyright and trade secret services to established firms, startup enterprises, entrepreneurs, and act as co-counsel relating to these matters. We are authorized to provide these legal services to our clients can assist clients from near and far including all 50 states and countries around the world. Our services include:

  • Trademark Clearance Searches

  • Trademark Application Preparation

  • USPTO Office Action Responses

  • Trademark Monitoring

  • Trademark Change of Ownership

  • Trademark Portfolio Management

  • Trademark Renewal Filings

  • Trademark Opposition Proceedings

  • Trademark Cancellation Proceedings

  • Trademark Litigation

  • Copyright Applications

  • Trade Secret Protection and Litigation