Corporate & Contracts

Negotiation and Contracts

We advocate for our clients so that we create value and hit targets.

Corporate Contract Drafting

We take care of the legalese to ensure that your priorities come first.

Business Structuring

We listen to your ideas and plan a business structure to mirror your goals.

Corporate Startup

You have a dream, we take care of the legalities to protect you and foster development.

Contract Review

We look between the lines to safeguard your interests.

Corporate Retainer

We counsel startups and established enterprises on how to grow and prosper.


US Immigration and Citizenship

We can help you see the options you have. You just have to select the option that you like best.

Green Card

We guide you through the process of obtaining permanent U.S. residence based on family, employment or investor status.

Humanitarian Protection

We are proud to represent those who are oppressed abroad and work tirelessly to obtain asylum status in the United States for our clients.

Intellectual Property

Trademarks and Servicemarks

Trade Secret Law



International Business Transactions

We are uniquely situated to assist your business with expanding global reach.


Alternative Dispute Resolution

We assist our clients in international arbitration proceedings.

Intellectual Property Law

We offer protection for global brands: trademark filings,international trademark legal planning, trade secrets.